Nordic duel kicking off SoundBlaster Heroes League

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
After three month of expectations building, teams qualifying and eight chosen ones getting a pass right into the Championship Bracket, the SoundBlaster Heroes League finally goes into the last and deciding stage. Who will claim the $30,000 USD prize pool? Who will be called the first ever SoundBlaster Heroes League Champion?

Update: Originally QsQ and nxL Focus eSports was scheduled to kick off the event. Due to QsQ needing a reschedule the game is pushed back to Thurday, 3 PM CET.

SBHL Round of 16
Sweden Lions eSports Sweden Pencils
Sweden Superkge Sweden PabloMcDad
Sweden Handsken Sweden Zetpro
Sweden Krebsen Sweden Bassets
Sweden Sealkid Sweden fajN`
Sweden Flensmeister Sweden Reelo
Recent Result: 2:0 (Diamond Cycle 7)
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The battle of the Swedish teams will end the first day of coverage of the epic two week event. Both teams have been receiving a lot of praise lately with Pencils consistently making big plays in the Diamond Division and Lions establishing themselves as one of the undisputable Top 6 teams in the world.

Still the favorite in this match is very easy to determine as Lions eSports has been one of the most consistent teams in the world the last couple of month, while Pencils only showed flashes of brilliance every now and then. Their latest match in the HoN Tour Diamond Division just yesterday serves as a perfect indictment for that. Once again Lions eSports, poised by a historically early exist from the Upper Bracket, overcame their Swedish rivals in clear and clean fashion. The win put the roaring Lions into the Top 6 for yet another Cycle of the Diamond Division and also increased their odds on placing fourth overall in the HoN Tour Standings with QsQ slipping heavily.

This Swedish clash should go to Lions after all, but Pencils is more than able to put up a fight against their fellow countrymen. They might not be good on every day of a competition, but they are still a feared and fierce team to face off against. All they need is this one freakishly good outing today and the entire complexition of the series might change. The individual skill is there all the time, the coordination not always. Which Pencils team will show up Monday Night - the great, the good or the above average?