Ring Troll kicked from LG-IM

General Michale “DreXxiN” Lalor
Due to insubordination with team requirements along with other things, the jungler for Incredible Miracle will no longer be part of the team.

ringtroll.jpgOn top of issues with truancy inside of the gaming house, Ring Troll also apparently had attitude issues that were not compatible with the team. Being one of the founding members of the team, the team currently has no means of finding a replacement which makes us question the future for LG-IM.

LG-IM will be participating in Intel Extreme Masters at CeBiT, but only if they can get a full five to participate. The chance of finding a new player and bringing him up to par with the rest of the team and team's standards in preparation for the IEM World Championships is questionable, but cannot be answered until further speculation.

Translation of source courtesy of ggChronicle:
LG-IM cancels the contract with Jung “RingTroll” YoonSeong.

24th, LG IM’s manager stated that they are cancelling the contract with RingTroll due to his (leaving of the gaming house without allowance). LG IM decided that these acts meant that RingTroll did not have the right mindset for progaming, and because this affects the other members of the team.

Due to RingTroll’s absence, LG-IM is having trouble with their schedule on IEM Season7 World Championship. Because they have to leave the country as soon as coming week, they will have issues filling up the jungle role. Also, they will not have any time to see how the game plays out with the new jungler if they do get one.

LG-IM’s manager stated that “This happened very abruptly and we are confused ourselves. We don’t have any plans for the new roster yet,” and that “RingTroll’s problems were something that affected the teammates practice as well, and we had to make this hard decision because of that.”

Also stated that “RingTroll has been part of the founding members and we tried hard to keep our faith in him. We are very saddened for something like this had to happen.” And “We hope that RingTroll will mature a bit more because of this event, and that we wish him good luck in his progaming carrier."

Source (Korean) - Inven
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