LCS Week 2: Curse's hot streak continues

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

In their LCS debut, Team MRN found themselves completely and totally outplayed, every buff, dragon, tower and baron denied by Dignitas. Imaqtiepie and his Draven played a crucial part in Marn’s rout, boasting a 6/0/0 KDA by the twelfth minute and ultimately scoreboarding the scary 11/0/1: a power level that easily shrugged off the diving potential of MRN’s Renekton and Vi.

Having played TSM last week, Vulcun knew what to expect, knew how to counteract to it and actually made not one or two plays in the earlier stages of the game. The problem: TSM would come on top after every engage and every trade, picking an extra kill here or a tower there, essentially coming more and more ahead with each passing minute. Nevertheless, no initiates were rushed and no plays were made prematurely by either team and the match went for 35 minutes before Vulcun’s nexus fell to the high-damage pressure coming from Orianna and MF.

What was expected to be the biggest run over of today ended up a match of incredible dynamic. Lautemortis’ Vi secured the first three dragons for Complexity and his ganks kept his team equal in kills and ahead in gold for solid half an hour, hinting that Curse’s undefeated might end here.

It was not until Curse completed the bulk of their endgame items that changed happened. Spearheaded by the diving duo of Hecarim and Elise and supported by the crowd controlling Taric and Ryze, Curse unleashed a stomping fury onto Complexity, destroying them in the final team fights and taking all inhibitors for the 4-0 round robin score.

Like Vulcan, TSM had played Dignitas in the week before and thought they would be facing the same team. However that was not the case as Dignitas came out of the gates roaring for revenge. Dignitas had TSM figured out from the beginning and played with unparalleled aggression. With an onslaught from every single lane TSM was quickly losing ground on their towers being forced back more. With Scarra putting the team on his back with an impressive 6/1/5 K/D/A and close to 200 farm there was nothing TSM could do to stop them, eventually ending with the nexus falling at 25 minutes.

LCS NA: Week 2, Day 1
Team Dignitas>Team MRN
Team Solomid>Vulcun Command
Team Curse>Complexity
Team Dignitas>Team Solomid

Day 4 of the NA LCS will resume on February 15 at 02:00 CET with Curse vs Vulcan. Followed by Dignitas vs GGU. Then we will have TSM vs Marn, and finally end the day with Vulcan vs GGU.