Day 2 ends with all Brazilian teams eliminated

General “DreXxiN”

Today was both an enticing and depressing day for the fans in Sao Paulo with the Brazilian teams out but a well fought game that will make history.

The first thing to note is Keyd Team's flip-floppy performance this evening. In their first game facing off against their fellow Brazilian brethren Insight Gaming, they dropped game 1 straight off the bat. They also managed to get absolutely crushed by Anexis eSports in a game that was not even close by any margin. However, through absurd passion and some miracle, they managed to come back from a 10 kill deficit very early on versus Incredible Miracle and drive eSports excitement like we haven't seen before, picking up a very strategic and well earned victory against the Koreans.

Crowd reaction to their home team defeating the Korean powerhouses

Unfortunately, one key victory would not be enough for this team to brave their way out of the group. Let's not discount Incredible Miracle who despite the loss, took first place in the group as expected by taking out Anexis eSports and Insight very convincingly. Anexis proceeded to take second in their group by only dropping a game to Incredible Miracle and taking out the two Brazilian teams, which would leave Insight last in the group, but not stomped by any means.

Group B Results

The four strongest teams proceed to the playoff brackets with Millenium facing off against Anexis and MeetYourMakers fighting Incredible Miracle to advance. Make sure to visit our coverage hub for more details.