Locodoco: ''Coming to America was a Mistake''

Posted by Michale "DreXxiN" Lalor at 02 December 2012 01:28
Earlier today, a fellow e-sports enthusiast from GGChronicle translated an article from This is Game with Locodoco and had an honest interview.

The interview extensively goes into how Locodoco felt regarding coming to America and how he feels his team is doing in IPL5. Below is a short excerpt of said interview.

You made it to the winner’s bracket quarterfinals in IPL5. Are you confident you can win it all?

I think we made it to the winner’s bracket thanks to the group distribution rather than our own play. I used to be determined to win and believed we could beat everyone, so whenever there was an interview or a chance to share in the past, I confidently said so. I truly believed in my confidence as a fact. Nothing’s changed today, but I’m telling it as it is. At IPL5, it will be hard unless TPA or World Elite players make a mistake, or there are unfavorable technical difficulties for them.

Is your time in North America inconvenient in any way?

I’m totally the American type (laughs). Food, actions, communication…I find all of it comfortable in America. In fact, my Korean is rusty (laughs). If we use painting with crayons as an example, Korean feels like I’m using only 12, while English feels like I get to use 240.

I had a lot of bad memories in Korea. I don’t want to list them off, but one of the reasons I came to the U.S. was to escape them. Ultimately, coming to the U.S. didn’t fully solve the issues, so I think they follow me a bit. Personally, I think coming to America was a mistake. But it’s important to finish the job well even if it was a mistake. So as I said before, as long as I’m here, I want to achieve above and beyond before returning to Korea.

It would appear that Locodoco is not entirely pleased with his choice to come play with Counter Logic Gaming Prime, but the team is showing some promise in the current IGN Proleague 5 and he is dedicated to "finishing the job."

Full Interview - ggChronicle