DRTL Season 3: Play Offs

General Marius “LML” Z
The third season of the D Ranks Team League has finished its group stage after 9 play days. Now the play offs are about to begin.

The D Ranks Team League (DRTL) is a team league for teams containing only players in the D ranks: D-, D and D+. The league is solely for the purpose of providing some competition for the lower ranked players and to motivate them to keep practicing.

After nine weeks in the group stage the DRTL has determined the top four to enter the play offs.
In cooperation with BWCL.de they found an easy way to handle all the clanwars in the group stage and get a nice standing. Four of the eight teams managed to overcome the rest, the first and second place even being tied in points.

The maps are going to be Gladiator, Neo Chain Reaction, Fighting Spirit, Outsider SE and Circuit Breaker, in that order.

DRTL Season 3: Play offs
Stealth BunniesvsDeSPA
CouragevsTeam All Kill Kings
Each map is a best of one match where each team sends one player who was set several days beforehand by the leaders. The first team to win three maps advances to the next round.

The semi-finals are being played this upcoming Sunday, September 30.

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