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Last picture: poGDI is the one on the right. Raistlin is the one on the left

Article 02/08/2014, 01:04

been waiting for that refund thing, no more double items heh

Article 06/09/2013, 05:40

what is that invitation badge suppossed to be and do?

Article 01/09/2013, 20:10

at least there is an organization taking care of it. KeSPA may not have always been in the best spotlight during the past years but essentially they've created a professional environment for the players, something we're still lacking in the western eSport scene where figures that flame during big even aren't taken care of properly. And securing the players' future is obviously a good step.

Article 29/08/2013, 17:21

what kind of luxury hotels are these that you pay $202 per night with a discount code

Article 17/08/2013, 03:45

This is sad. As a multi-million dollar company you can't even pay a couple thousand bucks that you owe a team? And then fail to properly inform them on future cooperation? IM should just accept other sponsors and part ways with LG, imo.

Article 08/08/2013, 17:57

Very well written article. I hope that Valve will put as much effort into DotA2's scene as Riot is doing with LoL atm (I guess TI is a way of that? And I heard DotA2 is going to be fully released really soon?). The more companies follow up with this, the better. This may also lead to bigger TV stations picking up games more often.

Article 20/07/2013, 14:48

Great idea.. it may happen close to never, but sometimes you buy the same item twice (like two giant's belts when going for sunfire cape or something like that) by mistake. And an immediate refund that only works right after buying it: perfect!

Article 17/07/2013, 10:11
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