CONTEST: Half-way through The International - place your bets now!

General “Raistlin”


With 115 games played, the playoffs are set to start. We hope you have had a good couple of GosuBet days in your backs, and that you're still on the hunt for the top prize in our The International GosuBet Contest where you can win an Alienware X51 Mini Gaming Desktop!

As the main event kicks off in about an hour, we wanted to remind you of the contest where not only an Alienware X51 mini gaming desktop is at stake, but also 200 Dota 2 beta keys. If you missed the first announcement, and you haven't placed any bets yet it is high time to do so!

The International \ Upper Bracket
18:30China LGDVSMalaysia Orange» Bet
20:00United States ComplexityVSSingapore Zenith» Bet
21:00China Invictus GamingVSUnited States Evil Geniuses» Bet
22:00China DK eSportsVSUkraine Natus Vincere» Bet
The International \ Lower Bracket
00:00Sweden Counter Logic Gamingvs.Europe mTw» Bet
01:00Germany Mousesportsvs.China EHOME» Bet!
02:00China TongFuvs.Russia Moscow 5» Bet!
03:00Ukraine Darervs.Australia Absolute Legends» Bet!

Times are approximate