GEST's stream schedule

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 11 August 2012 00:59

Just a few more hours until GEST kicks off it's August edition. English streams will be provided by David 'GoDz' Parker and Thai stream by Cyberclusher. There's also an additional stream by Pacific eSports.

For day 1 there will be three streams for each round. One English, one Thailand-based and one Philippines-based.

August 11 - Stream
United Kingdom GoDz GosuBet
07.00 CEST Pacific.Emax vs Mineski bet!
08.30 CEST iDeal vs X-Team bet!
10.00 CEST StarsBoba vs MSI-EvoGT bet!
11.30 CEST Mineski vs SVR_ES bet!
13.00 CEST SVR_ES vs Pcfc.Emaxx bet!
Thailand Cyberclusher GosuBet
07.00 CEST iDeal.GIGABYTE vs. Dreamz.SteelSeries bet!
08.30 CEST deperruku vs. MSIEvo GT bet!
10.00 CEST iZone.GIGABYTE vs. BauCat bet!
11.30 CEST eNcy vs. X-Team bet!
13.00 CEST Neolution vs. Pacific.Palit bet!
Philippines Pacific eSports GosuBet
07.00 CEST MSIEvo GT vs iZone.GIGABYTE bet!
08.30 CEST Mineski vs G7 bet!
10.00 CEST Neolution vs Invasion ReD bet!
11.30 CEST Dreamz.SteelSeries vs SkyNet bet!
13.00 CEST iZone.GIGABYTE vs Starsboba bet!

Check out GosuGamers' GEST coverage page for news, results and the GosuBet contest. Tune in at 07 CEST, and don't forget to place your bets!

Stream - English
Stream - Thai
Stream - Pacific eSports