First ISL3 qualifier this Saturday

General Marius “LML” Z
This upcoming Saturday, at 19CET, the first of seven ISL3 qualifiers will be played and registration just opened!

With seven qualifiers and eight players qualifying per qualifier, there are 56 players who are going to qualify for the group stage in total.
This Saturday, February 18, at 19CET the first of them will be played out and the sign up just opened and is only open until the end of Wednesday (CET time).
In order to sign up for the qualifier you have to send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following content:

- Your IP address ( use: )
- Full name
- Most common BW name + any notable aliases
- Country
- Race (note: if you wish to racepick, do mention so)

Note that every player only got three tries to qualify, so you can only sign up and play in three of the seven qualifiers. The qualifiers are also limited to 64 players with a reservation list of people who will get a spot over people not on that list if they sign up for the qualifier.
The format is going to be bo1 in the first round, then bo3 and bo5. After the first three rounds only eight players are left and all of those qualify for the group stage.
Maps are assigned for each match of each round by default.
Ro64 - Bo1: New Bloody Ridge
Ro32 - Bo3: Ground Zero/Match Point/Jade
Ro16 - Bo5: Match Point/Jade/New Bloody Ridge/Ground Zero/Match Point

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