MYM victorious at FARM4FAME 3

General Ulrich “KongoTime” Hanten
A disappointingly short final series at the last FARM4FAME playoff-day unveils MYM as tournament winner and new champions of Europe. The superb mainly Danish squad manages to consolidate their ascendancy in the western world, defeating Na`Vi 2-0 in less than two hours.

FARM4FAME 3 featured the best teams from Europe and America in five small tournaments, held together by a point-system which awards high placings from bracket to bracket. The best scorers moved on to the playoffs, respectively a relegation tournament, determining, MYM, Na`Vi and Moscow5 as the final four, to compete for €3000 at this last weekend of the six-month-enduring tournament.

Given the most recent results, either MYM or Na`Vi not playing the grand final would be considered a huge surprise, despite the self-transcending performances from the third place finisher, who delivered the best games since their existence.

Entering the first game of the finals today, things started to work out well for Na`Vi, who obtained an early advantage. At the expense of DeMoN, farming up his Lycanthrope decisively, Na`Vi managed to take the lead in the kill-score and attempted to continue pushing for the win. Backed by Aegis plus Cheese however, MYM turned the main clashes in mid game around and later won nearly uncontested after a successful split-push, which distracted several Na`Vi heroes from the overran bottom lane.

Mentally vivified by the first victory, MYM decided to make use of their big lead and try out an offensive summon-strategy, which could earn them a fast win and the championship. Guarded by the protective spells of an Omniknight, who made the difference in most essential fights, MYM coordinated their game better than Na`Vi and conquered the throne in twenty minutes.

Together with the one-point-advantage, the Danes gained from winning the Winner Bracket Final, the series is closed 3-0 and MYM are crowned champions, wheras Na`Vi appeared unconcentrated and not ready for the finals today.

FARM4FAME 3 final standings:

1st Place: Denmark MeetYourMakers - €1500
2nd Place: Ukraine Natus Vincere - €1000
3rd Place: Other - €500
4th Place: Russia Moscow5

With FARM4FAME 3, one of the last major European online tournaments for DotA came to it's end, leaving a decisive impact on who will retire from the custom map as the best.