A Team, a new team on the horizon with top players

Posted by "twice" at 04 April 2011 20:20
A Team is featuring old familiar faces along with some of the best from the European scene. The team has killer potential as it just features some badass players.

According to garter he played with Vein and Vigoss for about three to four months and it just seemed to click for the three of them. Around that time they found rest of the team as TeG and zG disbanded. Profiles such as Freezer, RMP and Kev were without a team and that's when they all gave it a go and as garter puts it: "We tried. We fitted. We made it."

The team is currently without an organisation however they plan to put on a good show and in time they'll hopefully find themselves a suitable home.

A Team consists of the following players:

Europe Ylli 'garter' Ramadani
Russia Suchkov 'Vein' Andrey
Russia Ivan 'Vigoss' Shinkarev
Germany Kevin 'Kev' Stegeman
Romania Florin 'Freezer' Stoica
Romania Sebastian 'RMP' Toader