Are you Insane in the Membrane?

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Blizzard has finally decided whether the achievement "Insane in the membrane" should remain in-game in Cataclysm or not.

WoW-players who are currently doing "The Insane"-title achievement have been asking Blizzard for a long time whether they will be able to finish it off in Cataclysm or if they have to finish it before.

After a long wait time, Blizzard has finally decided to tell us their final answer to this longlasting question. The answer that we have been provided is that the achievement "Insane in the Membrane" will remain in-game with some slight changes.

  • The Shen'dralar reputation will no longer be required. Since the Shen'dralar reputation is the only reputation that wont be able gathered in Cataclysm, Blizzard has decided to remove this reputation completly. Those that have already completed "Exalted"-status with this reputation will get a separate Feat of Strength so they don't feel left out and like they've done this for nothing.

  • The Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation will remain in-game. Blizzard has decided that they don't want this reputation to affect the questing in Stranglethorn Vale, therefor the Booty Bay Bruisers will be giving us reputation up through "Exalted".
What players need to keep in consideration is that all these changes will not be added until "The Shattering" in patch 4.0.3a except for the Shen'dralar Feat of Strength, which will be added by Blizzard in a future, not yet determined patch.

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