MYM-Slayer goes slaying... for MYM

General Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf
MiSeRy, once a slayer of MYMs is now slaying for MYM. The team that announces roster changes very seldom takes in another one before DeMoN's addition gone cold.

With an impressive merit list playing for TLT/Fnatic/LOST, he now seeks to expand MYM's already impressive merit list. He's already played two official games yesterday versus where MYM secured a spot in the Final Four of Razer Global Challenge.

Statement from MiSeRy:
"I'm happy to be a part of the MYM family and I'm looking forward to play with the MYM guys in the future. I'm sorry though, that I had to leave LOST.EU, but I couldn't find the spirit to continue anymore. I'd like to thank all the current and former in the team for all the great memories."

Statement from team captain, Maelk:
"With the core of our team being Danish, it seemed inevitable that MiSeRy would one day join us. Today is that day, and we are very pleased to have him onboard. As most of you already know, we have met him on several occasions and latest at the DSRack event in Copenhagen, and we are confident in his ability to bring our team to the next level. To all the concerns about our 7-man roster, fear not: This will only improve our ability to practice and attend tournaments as well as bring a bit of healthy competition within the team. Welcome Rasmus, MYM FIGHTING! Shoutout to Razer!"

Denmark Jacob 'Maelk' Toft-Anderssen (captain)
Denmark Brian 'MaNia' Strandby
Denmark Martin 'PusHeR' Mogensen
Denmark Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija
Croatia Dominik 'Lacoste' Stipic
United States Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho
Denmark Rasmus 'MiSeRy' Filipsen
France Laurent 'Ange' Blum (manager)

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Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf
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