General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
ESWC has finally come to an end with EHOME taking home with a flawless victory, losing none of their games at all.

EHOME who topped the GosuGamer's poll as to who will win ESWC have just done that. The most impressive part of their win is their sheer dominance of the tournament, EHOME has not lost a single match throughout the competition.

In day three, MYM meet in the first match of the day to determine who will advance in the losers bracket. MYM quickly defeated leaving the American team with a fourth place finish. Shortly after, it was the game between DTS and EHOME to determine who will have the one game advantage from the losers bracket. While DTS put on a good fight, they quickly fell to EHOME, sending them to the losers bracket finals to face the Danes.

DTS bounced backed from their defeat to EHOME by defeating MYM allowing them to face EHOME once again to get their revenge. However that was not possible as the Chinese team proved they are the best in the world and claiming the first place prize money of 14,000 USD by defeating the Russians in under 40 minutes.

Download the Grand Final replay of EHOME vs DTS here.

ESWC Hall of Fame
1.China EHOME
2.Russia DTS
3.Denmark Meet Your Makers
4.United States
1.Singapore Zenith (Now known as AEONSport)
2.Malaysia Kingsurf
3.Denmark Meet Your Makers
4.United States Evil Geniuses
2008 Masters of Paris
1.Sweden SK Gaming
2.Romania The Elder Gods
3.Denmark Meet Your Makers
4.United States Evil Geniuses