Razer Global Challenge

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
Get ready for more DotA action as DotA-League has just announced the biggest online tournament for DotA to date with a total of 30.000$ prize money.

2010 is definitely the year for DotA, with huge tournaments mushrooming out of nowhere. The latest online tournament to be announced even topples Farm4Fame and myMYM's Prime Defending in terms of size and prestige.

In collaboration with a very generous sponsor, Razer, DotA-League will be doing the DotA community a favor by hosting the biggest online tournament to date, named The Razer Global Challenge with a total prize pool of $30,000.

What sets the RGC apart is that not only does the top four finishers will get some bounty, but any team that reaches the top 64 will be able to walk of with something. The RGC will become a series which will have its prize pool increased every year.

A total of 1024 slots are available for sign ups and any team from any country will have a chance to compete. Sign up will start on May 10th, 18:00 CET at DotA League.

Prize distribution
Champions$8000 + 5 Carcharias
First Runners up$3000 + 5 Carcharias
Second Runners up$1400 + 5 Carcharias
Third Runners up$800 + 5 Carcharias
5th to 8th placing$450
9th to 32nd placing$300
33rd to 64th placing$250

With such a large amount of teams gathered for one single event coupled with the large prize pool, this is indeed a glory day for DotA fans from all around the world. Stay tuned as Gosugamers will provide you with all the information around the schedules.

Sign-ups are now open. Register your team here.

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