• Name gerome salvador
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game Dota 2

kurtemoreg27's activity

wow this will gonna be a new fresh line up., i hope the team came on top.. as BURNing as thier coach this would be a great back up for thier in game plans..

Article 9/14/14, 11:45 AM

i dont know this game but ... is the reason for posting this article in DOTA 2 sections is to lure DOTA2 players to play Heroes of Storm?.... -_-

Article 9/12/14, 12:55 PM

were very excited to watch the live games of this event but the network problems is really annoying., its very frustating waiting for the game., but yet in the end its worth waiting for., well i think despite of 1 loss EMPIRE got this. :)

Article 9/12/14, 12:52 PM

its sad to say goodbye for them but i think its for the better for the team,. well for frigoleet and steffstyle well played., and for TEAM coast GOODluck., i hope the team IMPROVES more..

Article 9/12/14, 12:50 PM

LAI unexpectably showing impressive games beating the power house of china., and maybe they can make it to the playoffs if they continue thier "LUCK" lol hehehehe and i think it should be 4 teams from china should be qualified for the main event instead of 2..

Article 9/11/14, 5:35 PM

too sad for TEAM tinker they cant play .,and its shocking that new formed ADJUSTING team (M5, HR) come up victorious in qualifiers rather than veteran teams (VP).. and i think well see NAVI and EMPIRE at the grand finals., ;)

Article 9/11/14, 5:37 AM

GOOD decision Mineski., there are many promising players in malaysia that needs support.. through that G1 gaming league, the organization may acquire the best team what they are looking for., GL

Article 9/10/14, 8:46 AM

among the 16 team competitors only the top 4 teams will can make it to the playoffs., and as of now the navi (looking too strongs as of this event) is most likely to one of the top 4 and also the team tinker., and maybe for the upcoming games the two remaining team will be cloud9 and empire., and i think the alliance and secret team needs more skirmish games to make a solid play for them to make it to the top 4., and the other team not mention would take this a an experience for them., well its my own opinion anyway., hehehheheh

Article 9/10/14, 8:40 AM
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