Big names galore for the 2021 League of Legends: Wild Rift Southeast Asia Icon Series

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A few weeks back, we spoke about the 2021 League of Legends: Wild Rift Southeast Asia Icon Series tournament, a first-of-its-kind for the highly-anticipated MOBA from Riot Games.

Now, we have confirmation of all the teams that will be participating in the five-weekend long tournament, which includes some familiar names. It spans seven regions in Southeast Asia with each country featuring a list of eight teams each. Unfortunately, Singapore is the exception as it only has four confirmed teams participating.


Confirmed teams:

  • Burst The Sky
  • Cerberus Esports
  • Divine Esports
  • RSG
  • Saigon Phantom
  • SBTC Esports
  • Team Flash
  • V Gaming

Vietnam will be the first country to start its weekend-long preseason tournament with all eight teams vying for the win. It starts on the 26th to the 28th of February 2021(Friday to Sunday).


Confirmed teams:

  • Berjaya Dragons
  • Geek Fam
  • Lunatix
  • M8HEXA
  • Suhaz Esports
  • Wulf Esports

Malaysia's weekend-long tournament has two familiar names in its midst, particularly Berjaya Dragons and Geek Fam. The former already has its League of Legends team in the PCS 2021 Spring Split and now its MOBA division will be taking on the Wild Rift.

It takes place on the first weekend of March (6th - 7th).


Confirmed teams:

  • AHQ E-sports Club
  • Flash Wolves
  • K7 Esports
  • Ka4 Gaming
  • MAD Team
  • ONE Team
  • TXO

There are currently only seven confirmed teams for Taiwan with the last still to be decided. Fret not as we will update as we get more information in the coming days. It takes place from the 11th to the 14th of March (Thursday to Sunday).


Confirmed teams:

  • Buriram United
  • Clutch Gamers
  • EVOS Esports
  • INVATE Esports
  • King of Gamers Club
  • MiTH Esports
  • Soul of Soy

Like Taiwan, Thailand also has seven confirmed teams so far with the last yet to be announced. Both Clutch Gamers and MiTH Esports are big names in Thailand, having gained their fame through other MOBA titles like Dota and Dota 2. Thailand's leg will kick off on the second weekend of March (13th - 14th).

The Philippines

Confirmed teams:

  • Bren Esports
  • Execration
  • Liyab Esports
  • Nexplay Esports
  • RRQ
  • SMART Omega
  • Sunsparks
  • Team Secret

Arguably the biggest name on this list will be Team Secret. The European org already has numerous esports titles under its name and Wild Rift will be its latest addition. It's joined by other notable inclusions like Execration, RRQ, and Liyab Esports. The first two are already reputable names in the Filipino esports scene while Liyab Esports is still somewhat of a newcomer.

Be sure to catch all of its games on the 20th and 21st of March.


Confirmed teams:

  • Aerowolf Pro Team
  • Alter Ego
  • Bigetron Esports
  • BOOM Esports
  • Monochrome Esports
  • MORPH Team
  • Onic
  • Victory Team Esports

Indonesia also boasts some big names with BOOM Esports being one of the most recognisable of the lot. It will be taking place at the same time as the Philippines, starting a day earlier on the 19th of March and ending on the 21st.


Confirmed teams:

  • The Alliance
  • Big Dirty Golems
  • Impunity Esports
  • Team Sequence

Given just how small Singapore is, it only has a total of four confirmed teams that will be playing over the final weekend of March, starting from the 26th and ending on the 28th. Of course, the Alliance will be making its debut into Wild Rift, taking a page out of Team Secret's book in the process. 


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