Naughty or Nice? An Urf-mas Tier List [OPINION]

LoL Simon “Leoverse” Garnace

Ho ho ho summoners, it's the holiday season yet again!

With the spirit of Christmas up in the air, comes alongside wintertime bundles, a holiday take on Summoner's Rift, and of course the well-awaited snowdown showdown: Snow Battle All-Random URF. 

Snow Battle ARURF is Riot's christmassy twist to the ARURF game mode wherein its pool of available champions for play are those with snowdown or winter-themed skins (such as Snow Day Graves or Reindeer Kog'Maw).

With that said, here's our champion tierlist for all-things naughty or nice this Snow Battle ARURF! Check out which braindead champions you wouldn't want to reroll this ARURF season!

FREE WINS (S tier)

In this tier: Irelia, Jax, Maokai, Shen, Warwick.

Ready yourself for grueling match ahead of you when you see these winter-adorned champions with their top-tier win rates (ranging from 55-63%). Disgusting amounts of crowd control? Insane mobility? Endless sustain and survivability? Say no more as these divers will ravage Snow Battle's champion pool of immobile control mages and indefensible carries.


In this tier: Fizz, Shaco, Kassadin.

High-mobility assassins have always been a staple in the URF industry, providing a lot of in-game power through their means to put out puns of damage and immediately get out safely. This year's iteration of snowdown showdown is no different. With the majority of picks available being sitting ducks, it's no wonder that these key champions will indubitably find success on the Rift, especially in the right hands.


In this tier: Annie, Karma, Lulu, Sivir, Swain.

Also: Gragas, Graves, Kennen, Orianna, Syndra, Veigar.

These champions sit comfortably in the middle of the pack, proving as reliable niches within any in-game scenario. Give these picks the time and space to ramp up and they will eventually find their way running everyone down with their nasty combos and next-level burst damage. However, due to their weaker early games and top-level skill expression, players end up having a harder time finding success on these picks compared to easily playable champions elsewhere.


In this tier: Tryndamere, Malphite, Malzahar, Nocturne, and many more waiting to be discovered.

From unorthodox AP-burst builds, soloing objectives with hordes of voidlings, and perma-blackouts, these champions stand out in the already clown-fiesta filled adventures of the avearge Urf-er. These picks find success in unconventional senses and exceed limits previously known to mankind.


In this tier: Everyone else. Especially Teemo.

In this game mode? Anything can work. Even semi-tank teemo top is now all the rage in solo queue!

Having said that, I'm convinced that anything can and will work. After all, ARURF was conceptualized in the hopes of players having fun in an all-out brawl on Summoner's Rift. What's there to lose? 

Get into the Urf spirit this holiday season by taking a look at League's goofy ARURF announcement here:

This is an opinion piece. All stated is the opinion of the writer.

Images courtesy of Riot Games and Surrender @ 20.


Who would you rather play against this ARURF season, the Mighty Jax or everybody's favorite, Teemo?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
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