C9 remains undefeated; TL takes a nail-biting win over FOX

LoL Joe “Helmight” Silva

FlyQuest vs.Team Dignitas

Dignitas wasn't even a bump in the road as FlyQuest rolled to their fourth win of the season. Smart early plays and an excellent pick/ban phase gave FLY all the advantages they needed to take two quick games off the revitalized DIG squad.

The match may as well have been called "the Hai and Moon show," as FlyQuest's midlaner and jungler showed up huge in both games. Hai's 11/1/3 KDA through two games is impressive, but his Zed performance in game 1 was almost more impressive - especially since it was up against Keane's LeBlanc. Meanwhile, Moon proved to be a threat on both Rengar and the newly-buffed Nidalee, going 9/1/9 through two with 62 percent kill participation.

Cloud 9 vs. Team EnVy

If any team's looked better than FlyQuest this season, it's Cloud 9 - and while they struggled a bit with EnVy in game 2, the final outcome was never in doubt. In both games, NV managed to go just about even with C9 up until the midgame, where C9 found a way to grab Baron and then quickly leveraged the buff's advantage to close it out.

Jensen and Sneaky both went off for Cloud 9 in today's games, taking home 11/2/18 and 10/1/14 KDAs over two games, respectively. However, the true MVP of the game was Contractz - he's still proving to be the jungler-to-beat in North America and showed that Svenskeren isn't the only one who can play Ivern.

Team Liquid vs. Echo Fox

When two unpolished teams play each other, the results can get messy. Gold leads flip-flopped back and forth between Echo Fox and Team Liquid as each team tried to find an opening, only to be punished for mistakes. At the end of the day however, it was Team Liquid who managed to close out the series in three games.

Goldenglue was the player of the match by far, putting up a stellar 13/10/27 KDA on Corki and carrying his team through a grindy, brutally-long game 2. His Special Deliveries guaranteed multiple teamfight wins in game 3, helping Team Liquid come back from losing situations to regain their edge. On the other side of midlane, Froggen put up impressive numbers as well (13/10/21 KDA), but neither his Anivia nor his Ryze could get FOX through the second two games.

Joe “Helmight” Silva
Joe's been playing - and writing - about videogames for about three years now. He mains Garen, hates Akali, and thinks LeBlanc should be deleted from the game. You can talk to him @grabthelantern on Twitter.


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