Top Plays of LCK Week 12

LoL Charles “KingsDecree” Perez

(Courtesy of OGN)

It's playoffs time!


#5 The 2016 Summer Semifinals of SKT vs KT is a series for the history books. SKT looked take a clean series and head to the finals to face off against ROX, then the comeback began.


#4 How did KT Rolster manage to come out on top? 3 beautiful games of some of the best teamwork in the world.


#3 The team fighting domination continues.


#2 The final push and redemption. Going from being reverse swept years ago, to reverse sweeping reinging world champion SKT. #RyuDiedForThis


#1 While those world class engagements were a beauty to behold, I was more amazed by Arrow's divine performance on Jhin. Granted these are only a few of his jaw dropping plays across several series of a games.


And there you have it, KT surprised everyone and beat the team you never bet against. However that's not to say the better team didn't win. If you have been watching the last few weeks of LCK you have seen SKT's lackluster performance first hand. Is it all the jungler's fault? Maybe, maybe not. It'll be interesting to see what in particular they plan on improving with all this extra time before worlds - assuming ROX wins the finals and they don't have to participate in the gauntlet just to qualify.



Last week I incorrectly assumed it would be a SKT vs ROX final, times have changed; who's your winner now?

KT Rolster
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ROX Tigers
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