Top Plays of LCK Week 11

LoL Charles “KingsDecree” Perez

(Courtesy of OGN)

"One of the messiest, ugliest series of League of Legends we have ever seen." 

This week we feature the tagline's crazy set of games between SK Telecom and the Jin Air Greenwings.


#5 But first, Pray kills a rat hiding in a bush.


#4 Let the shenanigans begin with Duke and Bang 2v5'ing JAG at Baron for a triple kill, although he probably could've gotten a penta kill if he wanted too. *Grumble grumble* Winning the game is more important than highlight clips. *Grumble grumble*


#3 Last game of the series and tensions were high as SKT was about to turn the game around in a big way with that ever vital Baron buff. Unfortunately for them, Winged knows a thing or two about stealing major objectives.


#2 Oh, and he did it again soon after. No big deal.


#1 What better way to end a long, nerve-wracking series than with an edge-of-your-seat back door attempt?


Indeed an ugly and messy set, but damn fun to watch. And with that, the regular season is over and playoffs begin. The historic battle between ROX and SKT is expected, but can any of the other teams pull off the lovable underdog story? Regardless, we look forward to seeing the Tigers at Worlds and CJ Entus in the promotional tournament.


Who do you expect to win the Summer Finals?

Never bet against SKT...
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ROX Tigers
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