Top Plays of LCK Week 10

LoL Charles “KingsDecree” Perez

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Build a wall!

League of Legends is an amazing game, and in this time of scandal and betting elsewhere it’s nice to just focus on some amazing play now and then. This week we may only have four plays for your viewing pleasure, but they are all worth a watch, so make a bit of time in your day and sit back to enjoy some top-level League in peace.


#4 I'm helping!

You want this pentakill? Ya~? Too bad.


#3 Ssumday is good at this game, who would've thought?

"Never had luck. Never needed it." -Ekko Ssumday


KT continued to style on Crazy over the course of the series, poor guy.


#2 And make ROX pay for it!

Bet Unatara had a hearty chuckle after that one. "You thought I was going to save you? You were wrong."


Nobody builds walls better than CJ, and believe me - they'll build them very inexpensively.


#1 The double failed backdoor.

They still went on to win that game, oh well.


If you enjoyed the videos, let us know, and feel free to drop your suggestions for next week into the comment section too. We’d love to hear what you guys think are the standout moments, and include your favourite clips in our recap.


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