SKT defeats Koo to secure first place

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History has been made as we crown this year's World Champions SKT T1 Telecom. With their dominating performance throughout the competition, SKT managed to surpass every team that got in the way of their goal of first place.

With a resounding 15-1 event record, SKT have become the first team to be crowned the the world champions for the second time. Taking the finals in a commanding 3-1 fashion, though their opponents the Koo Tigers were not as easy as some expected. Most firmly believing that SKT would 3-0 Koo, because Koo often wins games from behind due to a lack luster early game. SKT's early game tends to be a lead and when they get a lead they keep a lead, hence the belief in a 3-0 finish.

The Challenger
Koo looked like the best opponent possible for SKT to make for a glorious finals. Koo knocked Fnatic out in a commanding 3-0 fashion in the semi-finals. Koo is a team that is very strong at coming back from deficits. But instead what happened in the final is Koo getting a lead early game most games, and then losing it to SKT. They managed to pull out one win with a commanding early game lead that they simply would not reliquinsh to SKT.

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The first game was dictated almost entirely by SKT's global high mobility team composition. Koo Tigers looked strong early up until a bad fight down in bot lane around the 9:45 mark. Koo's Bot lane decided to turn for a fight onto SKT's bot lane. Right as they turn, Gyeong "Marin" Hwan Jang Teleports to a tribush ward to cut off the Koo bot lane. GyeongHo "Smeb" Song, unaware of the flank from Marin, wants to get to the fight before Sang-hyeok "Faker" Lee's Kassadin can, so he Teleports in. Smeb doesn't Teleport to bot lane to match Marin, the resulting fight nets SKT three kills and dragon, which gives SKT reign of the game and they never let go. The rest of the game is a nonstop deathball from SKT, key moments being Faker constantly Rift Walking in aggressively with a Stand United on him to deliver a Shen taunt every chance they get.

A Resilient Fight
Koo's next attempt at a win looked a lot more promising. They ran a global, high mobility, team composition, meanwhile SKT had a teamfight focused multithreat team composition. The game starts with a very aggressive level one dive from SKT in the mid lane, giving Koo two kills and only gaining one. Minutes later, Koo makes a dive of their own bot lane, netting two kills and giving one. Koo has a lead, but both teams give it their all with SKT picking up some solid teamfights, but never clawing back. That is until a bad Baron call at 35 minutes from Koo. They have the Teleport advantage and decide to Teleport Fiora, who was splitting bottom, pulling focus from SKT, to Baron and try and kill it. SKT responds well and gets a good fight here, snagging Baron off the Koo mistake. This bad call from Koo swings the game wide open for SKT and the game ends three minutes later in SKT's favor.

Down But Not Out

With their backs to the wall, Koo manages to pull out an upset. BeomHyeon "GorillA" Gang, strolling through the jungle and warding, runs into Seong-Ung "Bengi" Bae, who sees a quick easy first blood. Bengi commits to trying to kill, but it soon ends in tragedy as Koo collapse on the jungler. The ensuing fight involves every SKT member coming in and dying, netting Koo a 5-1 kill lead and a 5 minutes Warrior enchant on Hojin "Hojin" Lee. The game is a complete blood bath from there in Koo's favor, ending at the 37 minute mark. 29 kills and 4 dragons for Koo to SKT's 13 kills and 0 dragons.

A Godly Revenge
Titans never fall without fighting back, and the last game of the series is a complete reversal from game three. It is not a blood bath, it is a slow paced, methodical, nearly perfect win from SKT. They only gave 1 death and netted 13 kills throughout the whole game. This game reads as a Faker highlight reel, all starting with an impressive catch and kill on Hojin in the mid lane. From there, Faker continues to show his pure prowess and mastery of Ryze, participating in all 13 of his teams kills and being the key play maker.

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SKT is a dominating team with few weaknesses, that much is apparent. Even if you manage a win over SKT, they will fix their mistakes and come back at you 10x harder. The team owes its victories in large part to Marin, who was named MVP of Worlds, for his play making and shot calling. There is no better team to end up being the first two time world champions.