Adrian steps down

LoL David “daxey9” Lee

All top leagues in the professional scenes, including the LCS, concerns both confidence and the skill-level of the players. The ability to play is often desired more than confidence. However, confidence is what brings out the best plays in the Rift.

Adrian "Adrian" Ma, a support-role player of Team Impulse (TiP), had a statement on July 19. It stated that he has lost confidence in himself which led to his decision for stepping down. He stated that he wanted to take a break to find his "drive" again.

I have not been performing to expectations and don't feel like I'm part of a team so hopefully a break will help me find my drive again. I will continue to work hard and want to stay relevant in competitive league. Thank you to all my fans for believing in me... I will keep trying harder...

-Adrian on Twitter

In the quote, Adrian stated that he did not feel like he was in the team. It raises the question of the team's cooperation. Whether Adrian's decision is from conflict within the team or purely an individual perspective, Team Impulse openly stated that Adrian is still part of the roster and that he has been an appreciated help in their cause.

We could not have made it as far as we have without him, and we hope that when he returns on Wednesday from a very brief trip home that he remains an active member of the Team Impulse roster.

-Team Impulse on Twitter

Team Impulse has been doing great this season with a current 10-5 record. Although it has not been confirmed, it seems as Austin "Gate" Yu will be filling in the support role.

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