Reginald steps in to coach Team SoloMid

LoL Tim “HitTheKench” Thissen

Photo By LoLEsports

Viewers of the North American LCS are well aware of fan favorite Team SoloMid's mediocre performance as of their latest showings. Team owner and former mid laner Andy “Reginald” Dinh decides it best to step in as coach to get them out of their rut in time for playoffs.

In the past few weeks leading up to the end of the LCS summer split, TSM had been experiencing trouble putting their best foot forward in time playoff for Worlds. Fans have speculated on what the cause could be for some time now; speculations ran across from players not performing to their standard level of play, to poor direction from the coaching staff, and to the attempt at replacing the team’s AD carry Wildturtle for Team Liquid sub Keith. In the latest episode of TSM Legends, a behind the scene look at the inner workings of the pro team, Reginald attributes their current state on the team’s head coach Locodoco. Following the events, Reginald had made the decision to step in as head coach starting Monday, July 20th.

Starting Monday I will be stepping in as head coach and I'll be leading discussions within the team in a productive manner. (I won't be on stage.) - Reginald

Locodoco will remain on TSM’s staff, but will be stepping down for the time being until he is seen as fit to guide the team once more. In addition, Reginald spoke on attitude issues among the team when playing poorly. This is another issue they intend to improve on.

Our whole team has a problem with playing from behind. When we fall behind in game, the team becomes really negative and the communication completely stops which makes it even harder for the team to come back. - Reginald

The future of TSM is certainly an enigma in terms of how strong of a presence they’ll bring in the upcoming playoffs. Falling from first down to third place leaves much to be desired from the only NA team known for their consistent appearances at Worlds. Will they rise to victory and reclaim glory? Will they crumble similar to their performances at MSI? Only time will tell.