CJ Entus Blaze likely to pick up Madlife and Apple

LoL Michale “DreXxiN” Lalor

We've heard that after the departure of Lustboy, Madlife may be filling his shoes with Apple to find a home in Blaze as well outside of IM#2.

Earlier, it was rumored that Jung 'Gunza' Gun-Hee would be replacing Ham 'Lustboy' Jang-sik, who had allegedly already parted ways with the team.  Now, from the same trustworthy sources that predicted Najin Black Sword's Shin 'Helios' Dong-jin's move to Evil Geniuses, we've been told that Hong 'Madlife' Min-Gi will be taking Lustboy's spot and accompanying  Kim 'Emperor' Jin-Hyun in the bottom lane.

While a bit more confusing and less obvious of a choice due to Lee 'Flame' Ho-jong's strength in the top lane, it would appear that Jeong 'Apple' Cheol-Woo will be playing with CJ Entus Blaze as well, though whether he's replacing Flame or taking to a new role is uncertain.

Apple and Madlife have already been practicing with CJ Entus Blaze in preparation for OGN Champions Summer 2014, which is set to begin on June 18th, meaning Apple will have to depart from his top lane position in Incredible Miracle #2. Our sources tell us that this is pretty much a done deal, so we'll see for sure when the new Champions season begins. However, it would appear that Gunza may still be still playing practice games with CJ Entus Blaze, though the account he's using is unverifiable.

If the move is locked in, it is currently not set in stone what will be happening with the bottom lane of CJ Entus Frost.

We will update this story as it unfolds.

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