Endkindler joining iMp for DreamHack Summer 2013

HoN Sören “Fantasy44” V.
 Just like Vietnamese Dream Team a couple of days back, iMpunity needs to shuffle their roster just mere days before the big event in Jönköping, Sweden kicks off. The Singaporean team is now going with Endkindler as opposed to Signify, who qualified originally.
Roster changes are always questionable in terms of messing up the cohesiveness and the team work inside the squad. Even worse is it, when they have to happen right before a major event like the DreamHack Summer 2013. Vietnamese Dream Team suffered through this already, now iMpunity has to do the same thing with their Suicide player Signify.
The veteran of the squad is unable to attend the event in Jönköping, Sweden due to commitments with his army service, so the team was forced to search for a replacement on the hard lane. Going to DreamHack Summer is now the former Carry player of Invasion eSports - Endkindler. The 17-year-old already has some experience on big LAN events as he attended the Garena Star League 2013 alongside PixieBaby, Flawless`, ``Davichi and `Gthai. Now he will have a longer travel time to help out one of the dark horses at DreamHack Summer 2013. 
From the original iMpunity roster only two members are left with Rhonn and Air. The rest of the roster consists of former Orange eSports players or players closely associated with the Malaysian powerhouse. After the Garena Star League events and the departure of Dabeliuteef, ORGE tried out Endkindler as their new carry player, playing the DreamHack Summer 2013 Malaysian Qualifier with him. Now he has to adjust to the Suicide lane in a couple of days, while also getting the team spirit and coordination down with his new team. 
Roster of iMpunity for DreamHack Summer 2013
Singapore Rhonn
Singapore Air
Malaysia Shuiyu
Malaysia kiDDO`
Malaysia Endkindler
Source: Mischyz/Shuiyu
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