Druidz E-sport go back to the 90s

Posted by Mario "Kolapz" Mađer at 05 July 2012 13:54
Swedish eSport organization Druidz E-sport are after one year of absence once again supporting a Heroes of Newerth team as they picked up Sweden The Nineties.

The team came into the limelight recently with a run to the semi-finals of the DreamHoN BYOC Qualifier where they were beaten by Monomaniac eSports. Their good form continued this past weekend as they went all the way to the finals of RaidCall HoN Cup #3 which was enough proof of their talent for the organization to sign a deal with them.

Druidz E-sport, however, is not held in good regard within the community due to the way they handled their teams in the past, signing short-term deals just before big events seemingly just to have a team in it, without giving any actual support.

Team captain Jacob 'OwnedByAKid' Persson dismissed those accusations in a short interview he gave to

I’m sorry but I have to ask this; Druidz is famous with their short term partnerships in the HoN scene. Do you guys plan to change that perception?

We know that, there are many people telling us that Druidz doesn’t bring anything to the teams neither the HoN-scene. But what we are told we truly believe that we can change that, and to be honest, what they bring to us is exactly what we asked for.

Sweden Druidz E-sport roster:
Sweden Jacob ‘OwnedByAKid’ Persson (c)
Sweden Viktor ‘PhilMcHunt’ Sjöberg
Sweden Isak ‘Hoggi`’ Höglund
Sweden Emil ‘Superkge’ Karlsson
Sweden Mattias ‘Playride’ Carlsson
Sweden Adrian ‘Aellgi’ Ellgren