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Counter Strike on the go? Someone ported the original game onto the Nintendo DS

General Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman

The game runs smoothly on the old portable console – and it even cross-play with the PS Vita.

Sometimes, you just want to play on the go. With online streaming services like Nvidia GeForce Now, you can play CS:GO on your mobile phone. But what if all you have is a Nintendo DS? Well, someone has successfully ported the tactical shooter game onto the venerable portable console.

It has to be prefaced that this is the original Counter-Strike, not CS:GO – but the technical challenge of porting the Source engine into something that can fit into a DS cartridge is impressive.

The programmer, Fewnity has dubbed the project a “work in progress” and has thus released the game as an alpha build.

The game is played on the top screen, while the bottom screen is where the starts and weapons purchase happen. The game is controlled using the D-pad and the touchpad, to simulate a keyboard and mouse control.

The game has been in development since February 2021. New features added include bot matches and get this, cross-platform playing with a PS Vita!


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Sharil “memeranglaut” Abdul Rahman
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