Overwatch 2's new gameplay trailer shows off everything Sojourn can do

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Overwatch 2’s latest gameplay trailer shows off new hero Sojourn and her abilities. 

Overwatch 2’s wide roster of playable characters is expanding with the addition of Sojourn, a Canadian railgun-toting ex-Overwatch captain. The new hero’s origin story was revealed yesterday, but a new gameplay trailer released today has finally revealed all of Sojourn’s weapons and abilities. Other heroes like Genji and Sombra also appear in the trailer, sporting new visual redesigns for the sequel. 

Watch the trailer below:

As far as Overwatch heroes go, Sojourn is one best played at mid-range, with an ability kit that emphasises artillery and mobility. Her main weapon is the Railgun, which has a rapid-fire mode that generates energy with every hit. This energy charges up the gun’s secondary fire mode, which then lets Sojourn dish out a high-impact shot. The Railgun rewards players with good aim, as hitting enemies charges up your secondary fire quicker, and your secondary fire deals a lot more damage per hit. 

Sojourn has two abilities: Disruptor Shot and Power Slide. Disruptor Shot is an AOE ability that slows enemies down and eats away at their health, all the while allowing Sojourn time to line up a good shot with her secondary fire. Think of it as a less powerful version of Zarya’s Ultimate. Power Slide is a mobility tool that uses rockets in Sojourn’s cybernetic legs to let the hero quickly reposition herself in combat. You can cancel the ability by jumping at any time, and doing this throws Sojourn into a high leap. 

Sojourn’s Ultimate ability is called Overclock. Overclock automatically charges up Railgun energy very quickly for a short time and allows her rounds to pierce enemies. That makes her secondary fire very powerful very quickly, as long as your shots are accurate. The developers liken this Ultimate to Genji’s Dragon Blade, giving a lot of power to the player as long as they’re tactical enough to make a big play and not miss all their shots at the same time. 

Lore-wise, a lot of Sojourn’s abilities hinge on her cybernetic upgrades. This isn’t unique to her in the Overwatch roster, as most heroes are cyborgs one way or another. Unlike heroes like Genji or Torbjorn however, Sojourn’s cybernetics were not the result of a desperate need to survive or to replace a missing limb. She simply began opting in for cybernetic upgrades when she was in the military, using them to become the most effective soldier she could possibly be. She views these upgrades as a means to an end, while others rely on them to survive.

The Overwatch team has explained that it will be looking at how Sojourn performs with players during the upcoming April 26 beta, after which the hero might have some of her abilities tinkered with. Overwatch 2 still has no release date, but a release of its PvP mode this year is likely seeing as Blizzard is accelerating its launch. We’ve covered everything we know about the upcoming sequel here. 


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