Valve tells TNC they may use standin with no penalty for Chongqing Major

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

According to TNC Predator, Valve has notified the organization that they may use a standin for the Chongqing Major without incurring the standard 40% penalty. 

Amid all of the drama and outcry regarding TNC and the Chongqing Major Valve has, for the most part, remained silent on the issue — to the public at least. According to the SEA organization, they have received notification from the software development company that the team may play with a standin at the Chongqing Major without being penalized. This appears to be their only guidance and response so far. 

According to the post

We have reached out to Valve and their positions is that our team may still compete at the Major with a stand-in and that no point penalties will be applied. This is the only response we have received from Valve.

Last month NiP was forced to use a standin - Ivan Borislavov "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov from Team Liquid when Neta '33' Shapira was unable to attend the event with his team due to political issues between Malaysia and Israel, preventing him from obtaining a visa. At that time Valve also ruled that the European team would not be suffer the 40% point deduction for the situation. 

In light of the team not receiving a pentalty TNC has some difficult decisions to make. 

1. SLTV, IMBATV's Western partners for the Major, have been kind enough to open lines of communication with us. We have been trying to reach IMBATV through our friends from the Chinese community since it is our goal to have a sincere dialogue with them about the issue and to understand each other's point of view.

To date, we have yet to receive feedback directly from IMBATV. Our doors remain open as we sincerely wish to resolve this matter.

At this point, it seems that TNC has not yet determined what they will do for the event. They had suggested yesterday they may withdraw from the event or try to work out other solutions. 

One option is to bench Kuku "Kuku" Palad and use a standin. 

Other community members have voiced alternative solutions.

Regardless of what TNC does, in the end, it seems that the Chongqing Major will retain their Major status and continue on as scheduled. 

StarLadder and ImbaTV will be hosting the second Major of the DPC 2018-2019 season in Chongqing, China. The Chongqing Major will be held from the 19th to the 27th of January 2019 with sixteen of the world's best teams competing for the largest slice of the $1,000,000 and 15,000 DPC points.


What should TNC do at this point?

Use standin and move on
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1 for all, and all for 1! Withdraw or explore other options to play with Kuku
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  • "jagonajajago" ,
    Hoping there will be also another Major that will happen in The Philippines again, then we will just return back the favor against all the Chinese players who have been part of any racism acts against our fellow Filipinos. Don't do unto others, what you don't want others do unto you. Wishing that the The International 10 will be held in The Philippines. #CHINGCHONG #CRYBABY
    • Vans "hTd0309" 1213 ,
      Why don't you admit that KuKu is wrong? As a professional player, you must care about your image and professionalism. Professional players do not allow any behavior that undermines Dota 2's reputation. How do new players think? The Dota 2 pro is a racist. Kuku has deeply destroyed the reputation of Dota 2. A professional player taunted another professional player, is this a professional player should do? Please deeply think. #stop cry #think deeply
      • Kyrl Haydn "MercyrL" LIgan ,
        What are you talking about? Get your facts straight before you rant. Noone is saying that Kuku is not guilty of what he did. What he did was and is wrong but the gravity of the sanction and the reaction of the Chinese is what's the problem here. Kuku said the "C" word in a pub game, Skem was the one saying it to a pro player. The Chinese are the most racist Asians by my experience. Try to google ROTK calling pinoys monkeys, it's in google and it's free to search. He even did that way before this whole issue and yet do they hear an outcry from Pinoys? Why? Because they are over reacting to the issue instead of having a more appropriate response to it. They want to exert their dominance and want to have their way. Who's doing the worst thing then?
        • Vans "hTd0309" 1213 ,
          Dude, did you know Kuku create a team name it Ching Chong for the battle cup? Get your facts straight before you rant. A professional player does not need to pay for their words? Did you know KUKU create a team name it Ching Chong for the battle cup?Get your facts straight before you rant. A professional player does not need to pay for their words? This is a professional player should do?
          • Kelua "kelua4" Poker Face ,
            Source? I just looked all over for proof of this but did not find anything. Everyone, so far, especially on Reddit, have only mentioned the in-game comment "Ching chong". Doing an image search on "Kuku battlecup Ching Chong" only yields his in-game comment as well. If what you're saying is true then, it needs to be made clear to everyone that it wasn't just a harmless comment in a pub that started all this.
        • Vans "hTd0309" 1213 ,
          'The Chinese are the most racist Asians by my experience' how funny you are? Two professional players already prove Filipino is the most racist Asian and "politeness".
        • Vans "hTd0309" 1213 ,
          If ROTK represents whole China then Skem and KUKU represent whole the Filipino? Ignorance is really ridiculous.
    • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
      is this the general mentality behind Filipinos? always trying to cover the mistake with a lie, or cover a mistake with aggression... mc said something bad about Russians, a simple apology would seal the deal. Look where is kuku now, this kid better learn a lesson.
    • Tian Yi "v3luotianyi" Luo ,
      ur the one to talk. its better if ur race will perish. ur race are inferior genes. not worth keeping around
    • tang "terrytw" wu ,
      As a Chinese, I can understand why a lot of Filipinos don't like China and Chinese people. Our government has not been friendly at all and I for one don't like the bullying stance. But I think your hostile speech is not helping and rather childish. YOU WANT A FULL-OUT WAR WITH CHINA OR THE CHINESE DOTA2 COMMUNITY? WE WILL CRUSH YOU PINOYS IN EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE ASPECT OF IT. Now BACK OFF and talk like a sane reasonable person. KUKU did something wrong and the punishment was a bit too heavy, but this nationalism is a long-going problem here and some people killed his own country man just because the guy bought a Japanese car, so the way I see it, everybody should move on and live with it, it's by far a satisfactory resolution but it is the best realistic one.


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