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The MDL Changsha Major Groups have been drawn using a new selection criteria. The event is quickly closing in with less than one day remaining until group stage kicks off on May 14th. 

The groups of the Chinese Major MDL Changsha has been announced and teams are getting ready to fight for some of the last remaining TI8 Qualifying points of the Pro Circuit 2017-2018 season. 

The groups were drawn live with the teams gathered in China. MDL implemented a new selection criteria for deciding the groups:

  • Two groups of six teams
  • The highest team in terms of DPC Points Team Secret chosen to be 1st seed in group A
  • The 2nd Highest team in terms of DPC points team PSG.LGD is 1st seed in group B
  • Team Secret were awarded the chance to choose 1 team from the remaining 10 teams
  • Team PSG.LGD followed suit to choose a team to be in their group in the same manner
  • The two new chosen teams by both Secret and PSG.LGD then, in turn, chose another two teams from the remaining 8 teams
  • The pattern repeated until all 12 teams were assigned a group 

Group A teams:
Europe.gif Team Secret
Peru Team Infamous
China.gif iG Vitality
Europe.gif OG
China.gif Invictus Gaming
SouthEastAsia.gif Mineski

Group B teams:
China.gif PSG.LGD
Russia.gif Vega Squadron
North America VGJ.Storm
Philippines.gif TNC Pro Team
China.gif Newbee
China.gif Vici Gaming

The MDL Changsha Major will kick off tomorrow, May 14th, starting at approximately 10:00 CST/05:00 CEST. All 12 teams will spend the next two days battling it out in two-game series to determine playoff seeding and avoid elimination. With over a $1,000,000 and the important 1500 Qualifying points on the line, things are expected to be heated in the group stage. 


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