A perfect VGJ.Storm; GESC: Thailand Minor Champions

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

VGJ. Storm unleashed a powerful surge of attacks and talent to overpower their opponents today, becoming the GESC: Thailand Minor champions.

The last day of GESC: Thailand was full of upsets with two unlikely candidates proving to be real contenders on the big stage. 

After overpowering Team Secret 2:1 in a reverse sweep during the semifinals, Keen Gaming showed that despite a mid-season roster change and no use for DPC points, the Chinese team should not be underestimated or discounted from making waves. Despite Team Secret's loss, they were still able to clinch their TI8 direct invite, making Thailand a success story for the European squad. 

VGJ.Storm put quite an end to Fnatic's spectacular run after two overwhelmingly convincing victories. Outdrafted and outplayed both times, the first match was over in the blink of an eye - 21 minutes to be exact. 

The two teams with nothing to lose or gain had thrown a monkey wrench into the playoffs and seized their places in the Grand Finals. 

The North American team were dialed into their opponents today, hitting every draft and strategy on the mark. In another display of superiority, VGJ.Storm took the first game of the Grand Finals with a 25k gold lead and mega creeps. They then came back to take full control of the second game on the backs of two heavily farmed core heroes. 

VGJ.Storm will have another chance to prove themselves and test their limits against some of the best teams in the world at the MDL Changsha Major in just days and then China Super Major next month before heading to the TI8 open qualifiers. 

Round 1 - Best of 3


Round 3 - Best of 3


Do you think VGJ.Storm will be able to make a TI8 appearance with their recent performances?

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Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani
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  • James "Yared" A ,
    More of the recent favorites ended up crashing in the playoffs. While the newer teams just figured them out and impressed us. Reminds me of that crazy Wings Gaming run that lead to an Aegis. Known squads are burdened to choose between sticking to their formula or go innovate instead. Fresh ones meanwhile got nothing bothering them so they adapt much faster with new changes. Now I hope both VGJS and KG can make their way to TI8!


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