Evil Geniuses receive Championship Invite for GESC Thailand

Posted by Geoffrey "SophoS" Magdziasz at 12 April 2018 23:36

Photo courtesy of GESC

Evil Geniuses have confirmed their attendance as the Championship Invite to GESC Thailand and will have the opportunity to defend their title as GESC champions.

GESC made the announcement via twitter earlier today. Evil Geniuses will join Team Secret as the only teams to receive a direct invite to the event. Initially, the event was billed as an eight-team affair with the Europeans as the only direct invite. Now, organizers have added a "champion's invite" and will adjust the format to being appropriate for nine teams. Beyond the Summit was the only other Pro Circuit 2017-2018 event to use a nine-team format.

Other confirmed participants from their respective regional qualifiers include SG e-sports, VGJ.Storm and Vega Squadron.

Four other invites remain up for grabs from Europe, China, Southeast Asia and Thailand. Providing qualifier opportunities to local teams has been a tradition for GESC. Start dates for the remaining qualifiers are listed below.

Europe Qualifiers: 04/17/2018
China Qualifiers: 04/22/2018
Southeast Asia Qualifiers: 04/17/2018
Thailand Qualifiers: Ongoing

Evil Geniuses currently sit at nine in the DPC rankings, 330 points away from VGJ.Thunder and a direct invite to The International 2018. The base prize pool for GESC Thailand consists of $300,000 USD and 300 DPC points.


Can Evil Geniuses succeed in a final push to qualify for The International 2018?

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