WESG Season 2 kicks off the European and CIS National qualifiers  

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 05 October 2017 12:33

The exciting $1.5M prize pool Dota 2 tournament held in the olympic format, World Electronic Sports kicks off its second edition with European and CIS regional qualifiers where 20 national teams will qualify for regional LAN qualifiers finals.

The 20 teams qualified for Regional LAN finals will travel to Barcelona, Spain to compete for the $92,500 prize pool up for grabs for this stage, as well as one of the 12 tickets available to the WESG Global Grand Finals that will be held in March 2018 in China. Keep in mind that only a full five-man roster from the same country is eligible to sign up for national qualifiers.

While some of the European countries have their own qualifiers, others have been grouped together in several sub regions:

Sub regions Sign up dates and links Countries Online qualifiers Spots

UK + Iceland 

13 Aug-17 Oct

England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Iceland

Oct 18-19 1

Baltics + Scandinavia

13 Aug-24 Oct

Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova

Oct 25-26 1

South-East CIS + Turkey

13 Aug-19 Oct

Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Oct 20-21 1

Eastern Europe

13 Aug-23 Oct
Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Romania
Oct 24-25 1

South-East Europe

13 Aug-22 Oct

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo

Oct 23-24 1
Central Europe 13 Aug-27 Oct Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, San Marino, Malta, Vatican Oct 28-29 1


Oct. 4-7


Oct 22 2


21 Aug-20 Oct


Oct 21-22 2


13 Aug-26 Oct   Oct 27-28 1


13 Aug-16 Oct   Oct 17-18 2
France + Monaco 13 Aug-25 Oct France, monaco Oct 26-27 1
Denmark 13 Aug-21 Oct   Oct 22-23 2
Germany 13 Aug-18 Oct   Oct 19-20 2
Benelux finished
Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands
finished 1
Iberia ??? Spain, Portugal, Andorra     ??? 1


Barcelona Regional LAN Finals prize pool distribution:

1st place: $40,000
2nd place: $20,000
3rd place: $10,000
4th place: $6,500
5th/8th place: $4,000
9th/12th place: qualify to the Global Grand Finals

StarLadder will host the Regional LAN finals in Barcelona, Spain November 22-26. From the 20 attending teams only the top 12 will make the cut to the WESG Global Grand Finals. The last stage of this second edition of WESG will welcome 32 teams to China in March next year, eight teams more than the inaugural edition. Although for the Dota 2 competition, there is only a male or mixed competition, WESG have added female only competitions for Hearthstone and CS:GO. More information about all the disciplines qualifiers can be found on the WESG official website.


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