Galaxy Battles is the newest $150,000 tournament of NESO: Open qualifiers to commence next week

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 19 May 2017 12:00

Organized by the National Electronic Sports Organization (NESO), Galaxy Battles will take place in China from June 14 to 18 with four directly invited teams and four qualified ones fighting for a slice of the $150,000 base prize pool.

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NESO was launched back in 2014 by China’s National Sports Ministry with the main purpose of supporting the local esports scene. Recognized as an official sport in China since 2008, esports has registered immense growth in China and in recent years NESO have hosted three of the largest esports events in the country. Galaxy Battles is their fourth event and it promises to take the Dota 2 fans to “a whole new  Galaxy”  next month. Apart from being supported by several Chinese experts in the industry, NeoTv being the main organizers, with ZENO as main sponsor while JUUCO is the main partner for the event, Galaxy Battles is also endorsed by two of the most prominent Eastern artists; Justin Lo & Eric Chou.

The event will be hosted at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Stadium in Shenzhen China, a location that can hold up to 12,000 spectators. While the four invited teams will be revealed soon, the open qualifiers are about to commence and below are the  details you need in order to participate:

Galaxy Battles open qualifiers details

The open qualifiers will commence next week, on the 22nd of May and will be held across five regions: Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, China and India. The European and American open qualifiers will start slightly later than the rest of the regions, on the 29th of May. The competitors will play in a best-of-one, single elimination format with the winners of each region advancing into the regional qualifiers.

For those interested in playing in the Galaxy Battles open qualifiers, the registration links are as follows:

For Europe register HERE
For North America register HERE
For Southeast Asia register HERE
For China register HERE
For India register HERE

The Indian open qualifier winners will advance into the Southeast Asian regional qualifiers where they will be joined by the SEA open qualifier winners and six other invited squads. For the rest of the four regions, the winners from opens will be joined by seven other invited squads to the closed regional qualifiers. The regional qualifiers will take place from the 25th of May to 26th for SEA, and China while EU and NA regional qualifiers will commence on the 31st of May. The entire regional qualifiers will be played in a Round Robin, best-of-two format with the winners of each region advancing to the main event.

Galaxy Battles main event format details

The eight teams heading into the $150,000 main event (four qualified plus four directly invited) will be first play a seeding group stage. The group stage will take place in a bo2- Round Robin format on June 14-15, with the eight final participants being split into two groups of four. The main event bracket seedlings will be determined based on the scores registered in the group stage.

Starting on the 16th of June the main event playoffs will kick off on the big stage of the Shenzhen Bay Sports Stadium. It’s going to be an epic battle held across three days, June 16-18 in a double elimination, best-of-three format with best-of-five grand finals! Taking into consideration that TI7 open qualifiers are set to start a few days after the Galaxy Battles grand finals, on the 22nd of June, the stakes are even higher as the winner of NESO’s fourth event might just secure themselves a free ticket to Seattle this summer.

The entire event will be broadcast in English on the Galaxy Battles channel. Don’t forget to follow the event on its Twitter and Facebook accounts and book our tournament hub into your taskbar for the latest updates!


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