David knocks out Goliath; SG upset Team Secret 2:1 at the Kiev Major main event

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

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The real life David vs Goliath hyped match up more than lived up to any expectations. In a riveting three game series, SG e-sports upset Team Secret 2:1, knocking the giants out of the Kiev Major.

Kiev Major playoffs are where dreams are made and shattered. Half the teams have been brutally cut down - leaving only eight teams left standing after the dust has settled at the conclusion of the second day.

The ever waxing and waning success of Team Secret places the team under constant scrutiny and criticism. Coming into the Kiev Major the comeback magic was strong with major winning European team. After an abysmal performance at TI6 and then missing out on the Boston Major, followed by a second-rate season Team Secret took the top seed in the Kiev Major group stage with a flawless run without dropping a single match. Their 19 game win streak morphed them into a terrifying titan - better known as Goliath.

SG e-sports squad was fueled by a single mission - to come into the international scene and command respect and results worthy of putting Brazil on the map. The history making Brazilians walked up to the giant with the swagger of a champion and the aura of vitality. The David of the story, was armed with little more than a stone to throw and hoping to catch Secret off guard, knocking them out. 

The story played out true to form with the unexpected underdogs overpowering and usurping the giant in a sensational, heart wrenching series.

SG will lock horns with the TI5 championship team Evil Geniuses tomorrow at 19:30 CEST. Already guaranteed a top 8 placement, the teams will be scrapping it out for a top four finish or better.

Team Secret will finish out the Kiev Major from the sidelines, walking away with $62,500. 

Game One

A strong draft on the side of Team Secret had already set the expectations high for their performance. They were quick to dampen SG's spirits - applying immediate pressure and claiming the first three kills on the board by five minutes in. Steamrolling through Team Secret were relentless, plowing SG down.

With the game slipping away, a victory for SG was a long shot as Team Secret were in full control and unstoppable. Lack of follow up, damage and experience seemed to be the thorn in the Brazilian's side that they couldn't move past. Outplayed, outdone the onslaught came to a close 28 minutes in when SG called the GG.

Game Two

The second game got off to a much better start for SG - giving them a slight lead and advantage this time around early on. Holding on to their pace, SG continued to demonstrate great decision making and reactions - desperately needed to keep the Brazilian's mindset in a positive place. 

Ramping up, SG started to take objectives and win fights - busting their lead wide open and reminding Team Secret that they should not be underestimated nor counted out. And with that, SG ended Team Secret's winning streak at 20 matches.

Game Three

The final game of the series and the night started out fairly even. Both teams standing on the precipice of triumph or of defeat, every move was crucial and there was little to no room for mistakes. And for Team Secret, they were quickly losing their footing, staring down the chasm of disappointment.

SG outdrafted Team Secret and the Europeans were left without a real answer or strategy to play against them. Secret couldn't 5v5 fight SG nor split push - leaving them holding the bag in their hands.

Experience, tho would come to save the day - or at least prolong it. After their shaky start, a lesser team would have tilted into a swift demise, but Secret relied on their veteran status to keep them calm and give them the upper hand, capitalizing on SG's inefficient use of their lead. Losing control of the game, SG began their descent further and further away from contention.

An incredible Sand King ulti wiped four of Team Secret's heroes - a pivotal hinge thrusting the Brazilians back into the game. Moving off the momentum of their newfound energy, the team began to surge forward once again  -turning the game on its head.

An unbelievable five man wipe and buybacks put the nail in the coffin for Team Secret and gave SG the match and series victory.

The action continues in the Kiev Major tomorrow, Saturday April 29th, with the quarterfinals match-up between Invictus Gaming and Team Liquid at 09:00 CEST.


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