EHOME rebuilds their team

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

EHOME underwent a complete overhaul of their main roster, replacing four of the five players originally on it.

With the caption "new year, new roster", EHOME announced their team composition for the next season. The only player continuing his time on the active bench, Wang 'oldchicken' Zhi Yong, will be joined by former VG player Chen 'CTY' Tian Yu and three players from EHOME's sister squads.

Of the four players released from the team, only Zhang 'LaNm' Zhi Cheng and Ren 'eLeVeN' Yang Wei will be staying with the organization; LaNm will be taking the role of coach, while eLeVeN will be a sub for the team.

EHOME's roster: (1st position to 5th from top to bottom)
China Chen 'CTY' Tian Yu
China Wang 'oldchicken' Zhi Yong
China Hu 'Sen' Sen
China Luo 'Xi' Yin Qi
China Jiang 'JDH' Dong Hao

Placing last at the Boston Major and suffering a string of loses in the Dota2 Professional League Season 2, EHOME's post-TI6 roster, which consisted of several TI podium finishers, was underperforming. Going into the next season, EHOME chose to go with a mix of new and old players, a formula for victory, that was quite successful, when used by older EHOME compositions and other Chinese teams.

Source: EHOME's Facebook
Headline and banner image from EHOME's Facebook


Will Sen and JDH be able to make waves in the international Dota scene next year?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • jon "fuku" snow ,
    Replacing Eleven seems foolish to me. One of the geniuses of Dota 2, but maybe there is something else going on that he can't play as much anymore.
  • zack "zackmei" mei ,
    I don't see this team can going anywhere.
  • Gou "Moriguchi" Jia ,
    Love Cty, but this Ehome dont have future :(


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