DC eliminate Team Faceless from The Summit 6

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The Summit continued with the second lower bracket match-up of the day as Team Faceless went up against Digital Chaos in an elimination best-of-three match.


Game One

DC established a rather quick start to the game as they found two kills before the two minute mark. Aliwi 'w33' Omar claimed the first blood in mid lane just seconds before their top lane claimed a kill of their own. DC continued to dominate the early game, taking down tier one towers and accumulating a 6-0 score line. With just over twelve minutes passed, DC claimed a quick Roshan kill and their lead continued to climb.

Before twenty minutes had even passed, DC had removed all three of the Dire team’s barracks. With no way to get any firm footing in the game, Team Faceless threw in the towel, rewarding DC a 1-0 lead in the series.

Game Two

A much better start to game two for FL saw them able to claim two early kills in the top lane when DC got over-aggressive. They continued to control the early game, as DC had done in game one, controlling the map with tower pressure and racking up kills. As DC began to return the pressure, FL managed to quell the attack and keep the game in their favor.

With Timbersaw controlling the game for the Dire team, they went past the twenty minute mark in complete control, and soon after the score line was 13-6. FL proved their dominance as they cleaned up four from the Radiant lineup, including burning through the freshly claimed Aegis on the Ursa at a fight inside the Rosh pit. As the game continued, DC started to build up their heroes and looked as though they might overcome the Dire.

But FL were not about to give up without a fight and continued to control the DC lineup, constantly claiming kills and pushing in the lanes toward the Radiant high ground. After a back and forth game, FL kept their cool and forced the GG out from DC. This meant that the series would be pushed into a decisive game three to find out who would be eliminated from The Summit next.

Game Three

The deciding matchup was not as fast paced as the first two, as both teams started off in a more cautious manner. After first blood was claimed by DC after eight minutes, the game began to open up a bit as they slowly claimed a small advantage. With fifteen minutes gone, DC looked set to finish the game in the same manner that they had in game one, as they dropped tier two towers and pushed the lanes.

With an Aegis under their belt, DC pushed the bot lane high ground and attempted to drop the barracks, but FL managed to put on a last ditch defense to protect it. But with thirty minutes passed, DC wiped the entire FL lineup off the map and claimed two sets of barracks before moving to Roshan and claiming an Aegis. Off the back of this, DC wiped them again and claimed game three, giving them the series 2-1.

Team Faceless was eliminated from The Summit 6, while Digital Chaos will move on in the lower bracket to face Wings Gaming. You can catch this game and the rest of the action from the event right here.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 3 - Best of 3

Round 4 - Best of 3



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  • Andrew "Mac_" O ,
    Excited to see them play against Wings. Tomorrow, I think they get their TI revenge and knock off Wings 2-1.


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