The Chinese Boston Major qualifiers are set and ready to go

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

Taking the final TBD slot for the Chinese Boston Major qualifiers is the winner of the second Chinese open qualifiers, EHOME.K, sweeping the bracket with no losses.

Repeating EHOME.X's performance in the first open qualifier, EHOME.K overcame the semi-final hurdle that tripped them last time, and swept their way to an invite to the closed qualifiers. On the 28th of October, two days from now, at 04:00 CEST, EHOME.K will continue their road to the Boston Major by facing VG.J in the close qualifier's best-of-one round robin.

EHOME.K crushed Newbee.Y in the finals, finishing the best-of-three series with a total game time of about 50 minutes. In the games, EHOME.K varied the pressure placed on Newbee.Y's core, testing the waters before committing heroes to pressure a lane. As a result, Newbee.Y found themselves unsure of EHOME.K’s plan, losing space and tempo after failing to react properly to EHOME.K’s rotations.

In the semi-finals, EHOME.K showed poise and teamwork during their series. Down 13k gold in the 24th minute of the first game, EHOME.K kept fighting and turned the game. Ss for the second game, the team drafted a hard to execute team fight based line-up and managed to outplay their opponents.

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Thank you for voting!
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