Puppey and Secret respond to EE's blog: "There's obviously a cost"

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Two separate posts regarding EE's blog complaint from ten days ago were made earlier today, one by Puppey and one by Team Secret.

Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov's post regarding the issue was made on TwitLonger and was written to defend himself from Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao's allegations of him being "lazy" throughout year and "a tyrant on the team".

Puppey's statement:

 I'm not getting into a war of words. Those that know me well know that I'm not that person described and that's good enough for me. What I do want you to know is that I love Dota and I won’t stop trying to become the best Dota player out there. I cherish my teammates who stayed with me. Despite the drama, we still played great scrims, talking about the game and having a lot of fun. It made me feel alive again. Thank you MP, Pieliedie, FoREv and MidOne.

As for Team Secret's response, they were less explicit on whether the post was meant to be a reply to EE and Rasmus 'MiSeRy-' Filipsen's blogs on continued delayed payments and the 10% organization cut. The article titled "Update" highlighted the successes of the Secret in their various games, the goal of the organization to "create a professional and structured environment" and their large ambitions for the future, writing "rest assured there’s plenty more to come in the near future, and 2017 is shaping up to be a huge year for our teams." Below are extracts from the article pertaining to the aforementioned issues, key points have been bolded.

Regarding Secret's successes:

 Across Team Secret we’re working hard to keep the successes coming [...] we’re determined to provide our players with [...] care and support [...] enabling them to share in the financial rewards from participating in [...] tournaments and there’s obviously a cost in providing that support.

Regarding Secret's team environment:

 We’re totally committed to nurturing and protecting our players [...] we’d like to thank all of the Team Secret players for their continued hard work and commitment. [...] thank our sponsors starting with EGB for their continued support. We greatly appreciate their strong support of the Team Secret organization and their timely payments.

Regarding Secret's ambitions:

 Any organisation that is growing at the rate which we are, will undoubtedly make some mistakes along the way [...] Team Secret has huge ambitions for the coming year and your support and encouragement powers us on every day.

After the statements were released, EE twitted "Empty Words", most likely as response to the statements. Information about the initial blog posts by EE and Misery can be found here.

Sources: TwitLonger, Secret, EE's Blog, Misery's Blog, Puppey's Facebook
Headline and banner images taken from EE's blog


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  • Ass "InYourAss" Hole ,
    That's it? "Fight me" is better than all that shit.
  • Rian "bakso_urat" Anggriawan ,
    "I love Dota and I won’t stop trying to become the best Dota player out there" With no fans ?? seems legit.
    • kabu "JOK" smaug ,
      fans are stupid dolls anyways and should be treated like that who cares who owns money to someone if they have or have NOT contract for payment I personally think EE is big shit and mb Puppey is so, but at least Puppey don't cry in public about his own problems
      • Re "Rebooted" Booted ,
        Verbal contracts are usually legal binding nigga
      • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
        excatly. EE is a snitch.
      • Tanawat "fides5566" Phadungkiatsakun ,
        Only kids would say something like that. Adults would understand why it's important that we can't let something like that slide away. Why we need to care about someone else problem? Because one day you might get into that position and if everyone else acted like "who care? It's your problem." then your society would be full of scammers/con-artist/corruption. And how would you feel when you ask for someone help and then other people say like "Stop crying on the public and fix your own problem by yourself!!". It's the same concept as why most countries have to have a union for workers. Otherwise people would be exploited/abused all the time. I don't know about you but I don't want to live in that type of society and bet that many people won't either. Also ee did try to deal with the problem behind the scene and have to go public because it didn't work.
  • Alex "Rip2Shr3ds" Cris ,
    Suddenly RTZ became a very pleasant player after EE post. Puppey is still a jackass.
    • Daniel "SUPREME69" Oh ,
      if you watch pros streaming, you can kinda tell, RTZ is always too fucking claim. Kuro probably left Puppey for something, they played together for what like 4 years and just split like that doesnt make sense. CCTV is I guess first evidence of DoTA2 scene
  • Re "Rebooted" Booted ,
    I was a long time fan of Puppey since his Dota 1 career. WAS. Heck, I actually don't like EE that much as a person. But after reading the respond, I have to say that everything EE said was correct. In this report, Puppey tackled none of the questions EE asked: 1. "If there's obviously a cost" then why would the players not know about this 10% cut? 2. He said himself of the "timely payments" from the sponsors and tourneys. So why the players did not get anything? 3. He avoided the delayed payment question entirely, why have the players not gotten paid on time? When asked for the payments many times, only then you would pay them? 4. "Some mistakes"? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? NOT PAYING YOUR EMPLOYEES MEANS THAT YOU ARE A FUCKING FRAUDULENT ORGANIZATION 5. He also avoided answering the PandaTV deal entirely. Not even sounding apologetic about his shitty contribution to the deal. Empty words! Touche'


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