Northern Arena BEAT Invitational announce the last invites, TI6 Champions are going to Canada

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The top three teams from The International 2016--Wings Gaming, Digital Chaos, and Evil Geniuses--plus fan favorite teams and players are going to play in the first Canadian Dota 2 LAN this November at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

The last three invites for the LAN finals of Northern Arena BEAT Invitational went to The International 6 Champions Wings Gaming and to TI6 participants Team Liquid and EHOME. They will be joining the already invited Evil Geniuses, Digital Chaos, Alliance, and compLexity Gaming. Friendship, Dedication, Love (FDL) are rounding up the eight participants list after they upset both NP and Infamous in the qualifiers to claim their ticket to Montreal.

Northern Arena BEAT Invitational participants list:

China Wings Gaming
United States Digital Chaos
United States Evil Geniuses
United States compLexity Gaming
Sweden Alliance
Europe Team Liquid
International FDL

For FDL this will be the first time playing in front of a large audience, and it will be more than interesting to follow their progress as this is not the first time they face top-tier teams. FDL’s first time to play in a LAN setup against the likes of Wings Gaming, Team Liquid, and Digital Chaos was a few weeks before TI6 at The Summit 5 when they surprisingly won the Dota 2 community Redemption Vote. Finishing bottom two at The Summit 5, FDL then tinkered with their roster, but so did most of the teams they’ll be facing at Northern Arena BEAT Invitational.

With the dates for the LAN finals set in stone for November 11-14 and the eight attending teams already known, the tickets for the live audience are on sale. Tickets range from $45 to $75 and can be purchased from here.

So, what are you waiting for? Poke your friends, and keep in mind that the event features a CS:GO tournament as well, lasting three days from November 10-12.


Can any team really challenge Wings Gaming in Canada?

Yes, they have a target on their backs and everyone will try harder to bring them down
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No, most teams need to adjust after the reshuffle
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