Victoria, Ame and Xz join LGD Gaming

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Three days before the roster lock for the Fall Major, LGD are joined by three former CDEC Youth players - Wang 'Ame' Chunyu, Chen 'Xz' Zezhi and Chen 'Victoria' Guanhong. 

Amidst the drama surrounding the Chinese Reshuffle and LGD Gaming's Lu 'Maybe' Yao, where his withdrawal from the team on the Majors Registration page led a lot of fans worldwide into thinking that he had left while he was still under contract with LGD Gaming,  the organization announced that they would be creating a roster around the talented veteran. Two days before the rosters are locked and the add period for the Fall Major concludes, a majority of that roster is announced, with three former CDEC Youth players - Wang 'Ame' Chunyu, Chen 'Xz' Zezhi and Chen 'Victoria' Guanhong joining LGD Gaming for the Fall Major. 

LGD Gaming roster:

China Lu 'Maybe' Yao
China LuChen 'Victoria' Guanhong
China LuWang 'Ame' Chunyu
China LuChen 'Xz' Zezhi

Bringing in fresh blood, LGD's three players, although not popular as the players they supersede, certainly do not compromise on talent and skill. Xz was the offlaner for CDEC at the International 2015, where they were able to fight through from the wildcards to the Grand Finals, they lost to Evil Geniuses. Many remember Xz for his midlane Broodmother in the second game of the finals, where he was able to catch EG offguard with his unorthodox playstyle and secure the game for his team.

Ame, who will be joining LGD as their safelaner, recently rose to fame as he was honored with the title of being one of the first few players from China to reach 9k MMR in ranked matchmaking. The third player who will be joining LGD is Victoria, who supported Ame and Xz for nine months in CDEC Youth, managing to secure decent standings in a few local tournaments but failing to qualify for any Valve event. However, it is yet to be announced who will be completing the support duo in LGD Gaming alongside Victoria, but with only three days left till the roster lock, the announcement will probably not take too long. 


Do you think this new LGD lineup will emerge stronger than the TI6 one?

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Thank you for voting!
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