Global Grand Masters debuts with some of the finest European teams

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After a couple of smaller online tournaments aimed to sustain and help tier two teams develop and grow in a competitive environment, ProDotA is ready to raise the bar with a $50,000 Global Grand Master online event.

This summer, from 3rd of July to 10th eight teams will compete in a double elimination playoff bracket at the first tier one event organized by ProDotA. Four of them were already directly invited and will be joined by another four other qualified teams.

Global Grand Masters playoffs invited teams:

Europe Team Liquid
Europe Alliance
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Russia Vega Squadron

The closed qualifiers for the event will commence on June 15th with eight teams split into two groups. They will be playing in a Round Robin format, two game series with the top two teams from each group advancing into the playoffs. A 2-0 victory is worth three points, while a 1-1 draw nets only one point.

Although we still have one month until the starting date, the teams invited for the closed qualifiers are already announced and they are as follows:

Russia Team Empire
Ukraine Team Spirit
Greece Ad Finem
Romania Kaipi
Belarus Power Rangers
Russia Virtus.Pro
Russia Polarity
Europe No Diggity

Global Grand Masters prize pool distribution:

1st place: $25,000
2nd place: $12,500
3rd place: $7,500
4th place: $5,000

The entire event, including the qualifiers, will be broadcast in English by MoonDuckTV and in Russian by UCC.

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