Mineski secure spot for ESL One Manilla

Dota 2 Pranjal “pranjal26” Drall

Mineski beat TnC 3-1 in the best of five grand finals to secure themselves a spot at ESL One Manilla. 

The Philipines ESL One Manilla qualifier featured a total of 12 teams in a single elimination bracket with seeded teams starting in the quater finals. Mineski won the tournament after beating Arcanys, ACA and finally TnC Pro Team in the BO5 grand finals who were the only team of Mineski's caliber. The Filipino squad went 7-1, just dropping a single game to TnC. 

Mineski's last LAN event was the Frankfurt Major where they did surprisingly well in the group stage but couldn't translate that performance into wins in the playoffs and ended up finishing 9th-12th. Then they had to play in Shanghai Major qualifiers where they failed to even get out of the group stage in the SEA qualifier.

ESL One Manilla will be a good chance for Mineski to show that they are capable of performing against top competition. Now only two spots remain empty for the event which will be filled by two other regional qualifiers; the non-Philippines South East Asia qualifier and the Chinese qualifier. For more information on these qualifiers, head on over to the ESL One Manilla coverage hub


Will Mineski reach the playoffs at ESL One Manilla?

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  • Jem "dr3amcatch3r" Julz ,
    Kick JessieVash the cancer.
  • Juffy "sasukemusika" Vega ,
    better root for MVP as the savior of SEA.
  • Scumbag "parallelogram" Jegs ,
    jessie TRASH
  • ronneil "rfpejante" pejante ,
    "Mineski's last LAN event was the Frankfurt Major" are you sure about this? I think MDL is there last lan tourney. or The Summit 4
    • fuck "pinoyshit" pinoy ,
      yea i agree, he should also mention mineski is the first team to go home in ts4 and had a winless record 0-8 at MDL EleGiggle
  • Kyrl Haydn "MercyrL" LIgan ,
    Stop bashing Jessi Vash... You can't even play on his level... Stay in pubs and continue to be toxic peenoise!!!
    • slim "HitmanFLUFFY" shady ,
      that guy deserves all the hate rants towards him especially the way he respond to the dota community of ph!!! A 4k scrub like may not be on his level but there are other high mmr pinoy players that can play better than him and has better attitude towards the game.
      • ronneil "rfpejante" pejante ,
        and you deserves staying in 3K pubs with a toxic mid go gank carry farm all day long and a support no wards and courier.
    • Jem "dr3amcatch3r" Julz ,
      everyone can attest he doesnt belong to PRO gaming. the only reason why he stays part of team because he has deep connections with the management team (atlease according to my friend). if you really want Mineski (so called PH-pride) to improve then you just need to get the best of the best and not because he has connections. Even dota 2 is politics in the PH. lol
  • MarMar "mismack2k11" Matulac II ,
    LOL poor PH teams, they need to be playing on a Philippine qualifier to qualify, if mineski played on SEA qualifier they will going home for sure sad la


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