The Na'Vi story ends with EG

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Is Na'Vi back? Maybe. After a close three game series against EG, Na'Vi caved in. Losing the series, Na'Vi are now eliminated from the Dota Pit #4 LAN finals.

With this result, Na'Vi walk home with a 3rd-4th finish and EG will proceed to the grand finals to face MVP.Phoenix.


Game one:

EG had a strong start, securing a few kills on their cores, but, this was equalized by Na'Vi's Chen which found an equal amount of pick-offs. This balance tipped in EG's favor after their Drow-Visage combo came online, allowing them to quickly take Rosh, allowing EG to confidently take fights and push towers. Eventually, they nearly wiped Na'Vi and secured the second Rosh at the 17 minute mark. This advantaged led to EG quickly taking multiple sets of rax and finally, the game.

Game two:

Despite Na'Vi's draft lacking in synergy, Ivan 'Artstyle' Antonov's Chen managed to force the line-up to gel, pressuring the mid and offlane, securing farm for both Invoker and Lycan. Na'Vi quickly realized that between Sunstrikes and Glimpses, they could pick-off any of EG's heroes. With this map control - which also gave Rosh control - Na'Vi was eventually able to farm better than EG and take the game.

Game three:

Beginning the game, EG set up aggressive wards, expecting their Bounty Hunter to utilize them for kills; however, this backfired as Clinton 'Fear' Loomis misread the game, failing to both shut down Na'Vi's Chen and find ganks. Without defensive wards to scout out Na'Vi's support rotation, EG's mid Invoker was forced to jungle and EG's offlane Beastmaster was forced to play safe. This allowed Na'Vi's LC and OD to free farm and get their key items up. However, EG came back after Na'Vi failed multiple smoke ganks due to the vision granted by EG's Bounty Hunter. After a long pause, EG seized map control and tooe the game.


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  • "Booncz" ,
    TI6 champions... EDIT: 4k artstyle chen in top of the Na'Vi's net-worth :) come hater what do you say now?


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