Vici Gaming and CDEC Gaming are exiting the Shanghai Major race

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

The Shanghai Major lower bracket brawl of day one ended with two Chinese squads getting eliminated from the tournament.

Vici Gaming vs Virtus.Pro

The ones who received the first invite to the Shanghai Major, Vici Gaming, have lost the battle versus Virtus.Pro in their do or die lower bracket game, on the back of a very poorly executed late game draft versus a super aggressive one from VP.

Despite having a last pick Phantom Lancer on top of a Sven and Doom, VG couldn’t stop VP’s thirst for early fights and got seriously outplayed in teamfights. VP was in the lead from the early game through to the late stage and although the late game scenario was not favouring them at all, they kept the momentum on their side. They made perfect choices on when to contest Roshan and wiped VG twice in the pit to secure a one sided victory in less than 40 minutes.

While Vici Gaming is the first Chinese team to exit the Mercedes Benz Arena for good, Virtus.Pro will have to go through another best-of-one lower bracket game tomorrow, this time versus the loser of the OG - Team Secret upper bracket series.

CDEC Gaming vs Newbee

It was almost 02:00 am in China when the last game of day one started. The TI5 runners up, CDEC Gaming and the TI 4 Champions, Newbee had to go head to head to determine who will continue the Shanghai Major adventure on the Mercedes Benz Arena.

Although it was the last game of the day it was also one of the longest we've had so far in Shanghai. Newbee had quite a similar draft to VG but with a big difference that allowed them to fight on their terms. A Rubick pick for Wong 'ChuaN' Hock Chuan and a Batrider for Zhang 'Mu' Pan were the keys for good initiations and team fight control.

No big plays and no insane ganks were made until late in the game, both teams preferring to farm and avoid unnecessary risks. By the 25 minute marker only 10 kills were made across the map,  with Newbee leading the score due to their better Flaming Lasso into Telekinesis combo.

The tempo of the game was dictated by the Roshan Spawn and the biggest engagements happened around his Pit. For sure the exhaustion had a lot to say for both teams, a couple of misplays happened, including a Gem of True Sight that hit the deck, being actually dropped by Mu a moment before he realised that he will die and tried to hide the gem in the trees but he did it so well that nobody ever tried to recover it, including Mu himself.

Only when the timer reached the 50 minute mark Newbee decided to make a full high ground commitment but CDEC Gaming put up one of their best team fights from the entire game and made Newbee reconsider their aggression for the next couple of minutes, waiting for the next Aegis-Cheese Roshan. Once those were secured they made a final effort and forced the issue with full confidence and managed to take down CDEC’s base after a  62 + minute long best-of-one game. 

Shanghai Major main event Day Two schedule:

03:00 CET OG vs Team Secret
06:30 CET Evil Geniuses vs Fnatic
10:00 CET Alliance vs EHOME
11:30 CET LGD vs compLexity Gaming
13:00 CET TBD vs Virtus.Pro
14:30 CET TBD vs Newbee


Who will face Virtus.Pro in the lower bracket round 2?

Team Secret
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  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    VG looking incredibly weak. Lots of their loss is due to inactive support from early game.
  • Dota2 "Dota2Major" Major ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    This is really a bleak day for Eastern teams.Go EHOME and MVP lets see what you made of i really dont want an all western finals again...
    • Hassan "Imnotgonnawin" Jamal ,
      There is LGD also but I guess u are kinda right they have better chance than LGD :D
    • Andrew "Mac_" O ,
      This has been a very bleak week for the entire Chinese esport scene. From poor performances to pathetic production quality, the entire region should be embarrassed and be working incredibly hard if trying to save their cultural "face." Production aside, I cannot fathom and therefore do not accept that Chinese teams purposefully did not prepare for a Major. Simple and most logical explanation is the western teams are superior this meta. Here's to a western sweep in the hopes it brings the competitiveness back to the Chinese for the next major.
      • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
        The sad part is that its being going on for some time now.No offense towards these teams but i think teams like MVP/OG and Alliences looks stronger than they truly are cause of this meta.Change this to a more late game orientated meta and we will most prob always have EG/TS/VG in top 3....and the rest of the top 8 mostly Chinese teams.
    • liquid "wanzmor" guy ,
      MVP is going strong, I think they should be able to dispatch Liquid too but against EG it maybe a bit difficult task. I would love to see EHOME going far too, but for that they have to survive against Alliance on the next round. If they won, I think they have decent chance to go at least to top4 like they did on frankfurt.
  • chino "chicosayans" moreno ,
    "I'm surprised actually, because I didn't know how bad the other teams were," said iceiceice in the interview with Fragbite.se. "I'm actually disappointed that they are playing that bad ...) I don't think any of the teams came to this tournament prepared. The westerners have their own metagaming now which is not really good I think."
    • liquid "wanzmor" guy ,
      I believe that was from a tourney last year? where VG won. Yeah now the chinese is not as good as they were, they were very sloppy on teamfights and crumble easily against early aggression. Although it seems to be measly reason, their 1 week preparation (this was also mention by Chuan on his pre tournament interview) does affecting their plays, considering each and every one of Chinese team struggle during the groupstages.
  • Ass "InYourAss" Hole ,
    VG getting worse after burning joined.


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