PPD clears the air regarding Aui_2000's removal

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In a blog post by Peter 'PPD' Dager, he detailed the lead up and reasoning behind Evil Geniuses's removal of Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling's after winning TI5.

The blog post by Peter 'PPD' Dager can be split into three parts, starting with an introduction which explained how Evil Geniuses ended up picking up Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling and the events after his pick up. In the second part of the blog post, PPD listed out what he thought was Aui_2000's pros and cons as a player and explained how Aui_2000's cons led to EG's decision to remove him after TI5. In the last part of the blog post, the reasoning behind the picking up Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev was revealed.

Part 1: Aui_2000 and EG

PPD started the blog off by writing that the removal of Aui_2000 has "gone past the point of meaningless drama" and his blog post is meant to "set things straight." After explaining the purpose of the blog, PPD went on to write about how and why EG picked up Aui_2000, stating that after "talking to EE he revealed that they were releasing [from Cloud9] aui not bone" and EG's decision to recruit Aui_2000 after his release from Cloud9 was due to him and Zai having "next to identical play styles and hero pools".

After detailing how and why EG picked up Aui_2000, PPD went on to talk about their achievements and hard work put in together with Aui_2000 during his time with EG.

Part 2: Reasoning behind the removal of Aui_2000

After writing a list of Aui_2000's pros and cons, PPD explained how the cons caused the eventual removal of Aui_2000, stating "His [Aui_2000] ability to communicate effectively just isn't there and even though we worked on it all year long it didn't get much better" and "The way aui handles his communication and his play made every game feel like the hardest game we had ever played." Citing examples of this, PPD talks about how "I would spend hours in my head preparing strategy [...] to have aui question our strategy as we sat down at the goddamn stage." and "Aui turned into the most cancerous player aside from CWM I had ever seen [in the TI5 winner bracket finals]". After explaining the stress he experienced, PPD made the conclusion that "it took me a TI to realize I no longer wanted to team with Aui."

Part 3: Fear and Arteezy

PPD starts off this section by explaining how Arteezy fitted in with the team, saying he "generates independent thought, works hard, and  [...] one of the most dedicated players [...] the way he handles himself just works with our team." PPD then moves onto explaining the decision to keep Clinton 'Fear' Loomis, calling him the "THE MOST VALUABLE dota player out there." and explaining that Fear "basically co-captains the team [...] and makes sure that I do my job as the captain." Closing off this section, PPD talked about Fear's significance to him, "Without him I'd be half the captain I am today and THAT is why he is irreplaceable."

Source: PPD's Blog

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