Summit 3: Only 47 minutes needed for VG to 2-0 Rave

Dota 2 Eric “reinnnn” Khor

47 minutes 41 seconds is how fast it took Vici Gaming to annihilate Rave in the opening game of The Summit 3. Vici Gaming orchestrated the style they play best in perfection and attacked Rave from all sides in both games to force the Filipinos to tap out before the 30 minutes mark.

You can read all about the games below.

Day 1 schedule:

18:30-21:00: VG vs Rave
21:00-23:30: EG vs Cloud9
00:00-02:30: Winner of first series vs winner of second series

Game 1

Rave started game one picking a questionable Phantom Lancer after Vici Gaming's Gyrocopter first pick, followed by a squishy Lion and Lina duo. Taking the weak picks to their advantage, Vici Gaming placed their trilane on the offlane and the Shadow Demon and Mirana combo obliterated Rave's support, pushing them further and further back.

Through good rotations by Earthshaker and Viper, Vici Gaming got a huge early lead, massing an 11-2 kill score at 10 minutes. VG supports immediately placed down Observer Wards all over Rave's jungle while dewarding theirs to essentially, confine them in their own base. VG took two uncontested Roshan kills and eventually, moved up to the high ground at 22 minutes.

Their conquest for the top barracks was successful and they only lost their Aegis throughout the whole siege. The gold and experience difference were too big at that point and VG could not be bothered to wait for the next Roshan before sieging high ground again. Rave tapped out as VG killed off two of their heroes.


Game 2

The second game of the series was even more one-sided than the first. After a slow 5 minutes start, Vici Gaming ran off with the game with their staple aggressive style, attacking on all sides of the map simultaneously.

Rave's supports were left clueless on which lane to go because wherever they go, Vici Gaming initiates on the opposite side of the map. The massive advantage got even more apparent after Io hit level 6. Vici Gaming were able to kill off Rave heroes like flies all over the map and by 13 minutes, VG were already diving the tier three towers despite having not taken Rave's tier one.

VG transitioned their lead into a push on the bottom lane and took the barracks without any resistance. They moved onto the top lane and after picking off two more heroes, VG charged towards the high ground and Rave tapped out.

Headline image taken from BTS flickr.

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